Yesterday was a surprisingly clear night in Innsbruck.

For a change I tried to do some Planetary Nebulas from my light polluted garden. I chose M27 and M57 because they where high in the sky and therefore showed less problems with the background glow over Innsbruck.

M57 is even with the 2000 mm focal length of my EdgeHD SCT a little small. Also guiding becomes a challenge in these bright skies.

Imaging was done with an unmodified EOS M3 at 1600 ISO. I chose exposure times of 2 and 3 minutes to help with the guiding and to keep the background glow under control. Stacking was done with DeepSkyStacker and Photoshop.

And again, I'm actually quite happy with the result.

M57Bild mit den eingebetteten Einstellungen speichern.
M27 Wide