Again three weeks of cloudy skies.

And finally the chance to do some imaging again. Seeing was not very good (FWHM ~7''), but you've to take what you get.

As winter is coming, also new nebulas and constellations are now visible. One of these is the wonderful Rosette Nebula. The resulting image consist of about 3 hours of exposure time. I still have problems with guiding, I am not able to nail down (due to only being able to do stuff every three weeks).

Also dew is becoming a problem in these cold autumn and winter nights.

The images still lack the sharpness quality I would like to have, but with this bad seeing you can not expect anything better.

Rosette Nebula True ColorRosette Nebula in True Colors (actually using the HA channel for red)
Rosette Nebula in Narrow BandHubble Palette